Thanks so much for shopping with us at We will provide you with the best customer service one family can provide, we think you'll be surprised by our careful packing and over all presentation of your purchase so you'll feel your hard earned dollars were respected by us, we know there are now many sites you can spend your money with and we'll honor that you selected us to purchase from.


PayPal Payments:

We know security and privacy is important to everyone so we guarantee that we don't share any of your information with any other parties. We use PayPal as our primary payment collective, and they offer scores of guarantees, payment protection and SSL Encryption. And if you are still uncomfortable with putting in credit card info over the internet we accept PayPal payments over the phone during business hours. PayPals With 24/7 fraud detection monitoring, PayPal alerts you if suspicious activity is detected whether you are making online payments, sending money online, or transferring money to your bank account. No need to re-type your financial information with every online payment. With PayPal, you enter your details once and speed through checkout. You can keep earning your points, miles and rewards when you link your credit card to PayPal and use it to shop or make online payments*. *Issuer rewards program is subject to the issuer’s rewards program terms and conditions.

Checks and Money Orders:

We also offer you to pay by check and money orders, but we don't ship out items until those payments have completely cleared our business account and that sometimes can take up to 7 business days. And we return purchased items back to stock that have a payment listed as check or money order if that check wasn't mailed, received and deposited within 7 business days. And we only will accept checks or money orders one time say if the customer neglected to mail payment, we have to cancel the sale if that happens a second promise of payment.


We are going to offer layaway once again if you need a bit more time to pay for, maybe hide from your hubby a purchase. That requires a 1/2 payment including taxes and shipping the first month (purchase day) and the balance due on the same purchase date one month later. We hope this can help you stretch your budget a bit. If you fail to make that final payment we will have to return the item to stock and forfeit any prior deposit, sorry!!! Again please contact us if severe issues arise, we're all in this together!! 


It's super hard to calculate shipping cost prior to purchase, I was from the old school of thought that you only charged the customer the exact shipping amount that it cost you to pack, and ship their purchase. But it's super hard to run a business with many items that weigh many different amounts and require many different packing supplies, and are going to many different destinations. So I'm taking note from a fellow antique dealer and going to charge according to cost. So sometimes I lose shipping dollars and sometimes I gain. I can't possibly pack everything prior to sale to get an exact cost either, since many times you'll find several treasures to buy. So I'm using this shipping chart and we will see how it goes, my prices compared to many antique sites are super fair so until I lose a great deal on shipping I'm going to go with this:

Our shipping charges are as follows:

$0 to $24.95-$9.00 shipping  *Unless otherwise stated in the listing.

$24.96-$50.00-$12.00 shipping  *Unless otherwise stated in the listing.

$50.01-$74.95-$15.00 shipping  *Unless otherwise stated in the listing.

$74.96-$100.00-$18.00 shipping  *Unless otherwise stated in the listing.

$100.01-$249.95-$20.00 shipping  *Unless otherwise stated in the listing.

$249.96-$499.95-$22.00 shipping  *Unless otherwise stated in the listing.

$499.96-$999.95-$25.00 shipping  *Unless otherwise stated in the listing.

*All oversized items will require us to get quote after packing.

After all that anything 10% cost for shipping, of course excluding Furniture!

Furniture get quote prior to purchase! 

*Totally excludes crazy heavy and oversized items! Like a stone or cement filled planter, or say a giant iron metal urn. You know I can not ship a $500  

heavy antique metal urn for $25.00, let's be serious!!

Shipping Rates are for Continental US ONLY - All others (including Alaska & Hawaii) may have slightly higher charges for shipping. We will invoice for additional shipping should this be needed before your package is shipped.


We deal in used, old, sometimes have been on the planet for a hundred plus years, so I want you to think about how great you would look after a hundred years of good hard use, well that's a lot of our items, they are antique, they are vintage, which means 50 plus years old, sometimes as old as 100's of years and they were loved, handled, touched and used for a really long time, and if the camera didn't catch the view you were expecting please ask for more photos. You need to be completely sure of your purchase before you click send to cart! Because we have a "No Return Policy". That means that you looked over those photos of the item, and if you were on say a smartphone you might need to go use your neighbors 24" screen to make sure you got a great idea and love for the item you were thinking of purchasing, because you can't send it back just because it has scratches and dings. We will try our best to show all that, but if we did bring to view all the items flaws and issues you have to be ok with that prior to purchase!! Just saying this, make sure you love everything you want to buy, before buying it. Now if for some crazy reason we didn't see a major boo boo in an item, and didn't mention it in the listing, you can then, ask for a refund!! But it is rare, cause I'm pretty good at listing all the flaws. 

And just because an item has a flaw, a crack, or a chip, shouldn't it be sat on a shelf to be loved and adored like it was perfect? So many of my antiques weren't purchased because they were perfect, it's because they are beautiful and worthy of my homes display and loved by me and my family. And again I'm so sorry it has come down to all these legal rules and regulations, but if you don't share just a love for old beautiful crafted items, might be best for you to move on to the perfect site selling for a zillion dollars more, or better yet buy something new.

Sales Tax:

Ok sales tax, I hate collecting sales tax but I have to do it or they'll send me to jail along with some housewives who didn't pay their taxes. Anyway if you live in California you have to pay sales tax at the Vista, CA rate, which is high cause were always trying to build something here with it. Vista, CA sales tax is 8.25% so if you live in CALIFORNIA and you are shipping the item to California you MUST PAY SALES TAX OR PROVIDE US WITH A COPY OF A VALID RESALE CERTIFICATE. And we just go online with that resale cert. and check if it's valid at the time of the sale. So far they haven't told me I have to collect tax from everyone else, so again only CA residents. 

Not being an attorney like my long lost brother, Scott I think I've covered all these silly, why has it come to this to have a business nonsense!! Hopefully covered everything, if not I'm sure we'll be adding more nonsense, thanks again for shopping with us! And I hope you have found some humor in this.