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 Madison Manor is located in Vista, CA which is about 30 miles north of San Diego and about 30 miles south of Orange County. We're an antique and vintage decor Internet store which we feel will allow us to service customers from all over the country not just in Temecula or Vista anymore. We had several brick and mortar stores for about fifteen years, again in Vista, Fallbrook and then Temecula. We hope to continue with the customer is why we do this philosophy that means to us that we have a joint love of old, and that we get to share that with those who have that same love of fine, time worn vintage items and antiques that emulates the warm feeling of Grandma's house that was so full of love. So please offer any suggestions or comments that will help us be better at sharing and selling our vintage and antique treasures. We all can do better so please just be kind and positive in offering your suggestions. We know you have a choice when it comes to spending your hard earned money and we are sorry that running a business now has come to a full page of rules and those do's and don'ts but we will try our best to give you your money’s worth when choosing to shop at MadisonManor.Com

Thanks for checking us out "Now Have The Best Day!!"  

Tracy Walters
Tracy Bovee Walters Owner of MadisonManor.com